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A HIDDEN WATERMAN EXISTS IN EACH ONE OF US. It all depends on you to bring it out. C4 offers a variety of stand up paddles, boards and equipment to enhance the waterman’s lifestyle. Follow the C4 way of life and see what success awaits you.

THIS SITE IS A PLACEHOLDER. If you want to find out more about C4's selection of paddles, stand-up paddle boards, and equipment, please visit www.c4waterman.com. In addition to information about our products, you can watch video of stand-up paddling, see photos, check out How-To Guides and choose which board is right for you using our Board Guide. Or, you can go straight to our online store, store.c4waterman.com.

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Our paddle blade isn't the usual flat-styled canoe paddle with a long handle. The C4 Paddle's keel-shaped blade neck on the powerface of the blade was specially designed for paddle surfing; it steers straight for less paddle wandering, as well as minimizing rail banging. The wide point of the blade is deep, for more bite and power, and the front of the blade features a curved face, allowing you to easily skim the blade across the water when "pulling Gs" on those hard bottom turns.
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